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This list was compiled by Seller's Representative Specialists (SRS REBI INSTITUTE) of which I am a member.  

Pre-Inspection Checklist Exterior

Clear obstacles (leaves, brush, garbage cans, etc.) from foundation or outside crawlspace areas. Check for peeling paint and/or damaged siding, caulking and proper ventilation Trim any tree branches touching the house Clean gutters and clear downspouts. Ensure downspouts are directed away from the home No evidence of standing water Turn off sprinklers Visual inspection of roof (i.e., missing shingles, nail pops, signs of wear) Check condition of central AC Unit. Should be clean and easily accessible. Railings on stairs and porches are adequate and secure. Check for foundation cracks, exterior wall cracks Hose bibs operate properly Basement and Crawlspaces Move furniture and boxes away from walls Clear paths around mechanical systems (furnace, water heater, electrical panel, AC unit) Change the furnace/AC filter. If unit has not been serviced in the last 12 months, DO IT! Declutter attic and storage areas Label electric panel breaker box along with any unique switches or outlets Water heater properly functioning, drain pan in place, pressure relief valve operating properly. Water temp 118-125 degrees Flue pipes in place and secure Garage Move tools, boxes and other items away from walls Check that garage door opener and doors are accessible Ensure attic door is accessible (this may be inside the home) Check weather strip All Rooms Clear out under-sink cabinets, oven and dishwasher Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working Replace all burned out or missing light bulbs Locate user manuals and warranty papers for all appliances Remove all pets from home on inspection day Ensure all interior windows open, close and lock (if applicable). No broken glass Make sure door bell functions All doors open and close freely, all door handles and knobs are working All electrical switches and outlets are working properly Fireplace – clean and damper operates properly Kitchen and Bathrooms Grout and Caulk as necessary Fans in bathroom should exhaust to the outside, not the attic Clear and slow running drains No leaks anywhere (faucets, drains, water shut offs, etc.) Properly working GFI outlets in bathrooms and kitchen Replace flush kits in toilets if needed Toilets are secure and stable Tub or shower tiles are se

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This list was compiled by Seller's Representative Specialists (SRS REBI INSTITUTE) of which I am a member.  Pre-Inspection Checklist Exterior Clear obstacles (leaves, brush, garbage cans,

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